Alarm Devices


Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Series 65A

Orient Series 65A consolidates well-demonstrated detecting innovations, together with advances in materials and devices innovation, including an IC in light of that utilized as a part of XP95 simple addressable locators. Having a wide working voltage of 9-33V, the Orient Series 65A territory comprises of ionization, incorporating ionization and photo-electric smoke detectors, 2 evaluations of warm finder and a standard base. Each sort of locator has a LED which flashes constantly in remain by mode.

Photo-electric smoke indicators solidify a beating LED arranged in a chamber inside the cabin of the identifiers. The chamber is expected to restrict light from any external source. At an indicate the LED is a photo diode which consistently does not select the area of light created by the LED. If there should be an occurrence of smoke from a fire entering the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be scattered and subsequently enlisted by the photo diode. If the photo diode “sees” smoke on the two following pulses, the indicators changes into the caution

state and the marker LED enlightens. The identifier lodging is unclear to that of the ionization indicators yet has a pointer LED which is clear in remain by state, in any case, conveys red light in caution.


Flashing LED

Alarm Indication: Clear LED, Red in alarm

Supply voltage: 9 to 33 V

Standby current: 45 μA at 24V, 40 μA at 9V

Alarm current: 52 mA at 24V, 17 mA at 9V

Ambient temperature: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 37.8°C)

Compliant to the EMC Directive 98/336/EEC and the
Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC

Wide operating voltage

Advanced electronic technology

Can be used on security systems

Proven detection performance

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Series 65A

A Thermal Detectors easy absorbs radiation and changes temperature. It is operate by using a matched pair of thermistors to sense heat. One thermistor is exposing to sense temperature and the other is sealed. When this occurs, a potential difference is formed between the other ends of metals. Since potentials differences are temperature-dependent, temperature values or changes in temperature resulting in an imbalance that can be determined by calibration.

Thermal Detectors Series 65A externally, the thermal detectors are distinguishable from the smoke detectors by having wide opening to the surroundings atmosphere to allow good movement of air around the external thermistor.


Advanced algorithms provide excellent detection discrimination

Easy installation. No programming required

Sleek low-profile housing design

Durable sensor. No adjustment or replacement required

Dual LEDs for 360° visibility

Magnet-initiated alarm test function available with some models

2-Wire and 4-wire models for DC 72 V or DC 24 V operation

4-Wire models include a N/C or N/O alarm relay output

Connects to zone monitor for use with addressable control and indicating equipment


Operating VoltageDC (9/33) V
Start-Up Current170 μA
Standby Current50 μA
Alarm Current40 mA/90 mA
Reset Voltage≤1V
Reset Time≤ 3s
Alarm Response Threshold59 °c static temperature, and 11.1°c
/min rate-of-rise temperature
Operating Temperature-10 °C ~ +37,8 °C
Operating Humidity0 % ~ 95 % RH, non-condensin
Alarm IndicatorTwo continuous emitting red LEDs
Dimensions (Excluding Contacts)0100 mm” 37 mm
Ingress Protection RatingIP-43


Orient KRCP3

Extinguishant Control Panel

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment, Orient KRCP3 offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations. With three initiation circuits as standard, release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from three type activations such as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications.

The extensive configuration options of the Orient KRCP3 allow the functionality of the system to be extensively modified. The panel contains a large LED display to enable easy configuration and control which also displays the time remaining until release for added user safety. The countdown timer is duplicated on up to seven remote status units to provide local indication of the system status. With all of the electronics mounted on a single, easily removable, steel plate panels are both robust and easy to install.


Three initiation circuits as standard

Any single zone or any combinations of zones can be configured to release

Configurable first stage NAC delays

Configurable detection delays

Zero time delay upon manual release option

Compatible with I.S. barriers

Internal trouble diagnosis indicator

Non-latching zone input option to receive signals from other systems such as aspirating equipment

Configurable releasing delays up to 60 seconds in 5 second steps

Configurable releasing duration up to 5 minutes in 5 second steps

Countdown timer shows time remaining until release

Supports up to seven, four wire status indicators

Built in Extract Fan control


Fire Alarm Bell

with Weatherproof Back Box


UL Listed

Available in 6″ or 10″ version

High dbA output

Mounts to a standard 4″ square electrical box

ANSI/UL Listed for outdoor use when used with the BB-WP weatherproof back box

18AWG wireleads

Meets ANSI/UL 464 requirements

Red metal finish


Remove the gong

Wire the bell in the circuit

Mount bell mechanism on 4″ square standard outlet box with the striker facing down

The bell must be mounted a minimum of 8ft., above the floor, or, as close to the ceiling as possible

Polarized bell provides Red(-) and Black(-) lead wires. When the bell is installed, polarity must be observed


Part NumberOCI-B6-24OCI-B10-24
Gong Size6”10”
Sound Level96dB at 1 m96dB at 1 m
Driving WayMotorCoil
Weight1 kg1.5 kg
Operating Temperature32°F to 120°F32°F to 120°F
(Indoor Application)(0°C to 48°C)(0°C to 48°C)
Operating Temperature-32°F to 150°F-32°F to 150°F
(Outdoor Application)(-35°C to 65°C)(-35°C to 65°C)
Color/ MaterialRed/MetalRed/Metal
BB-WP Dimension4.25”W x 4.25”H x 1.5”D4.25”W x 4.25”H x 1.5”D

Outdoor Evacuation Signal


The Outdoor Evacuation Signal is an outdoor horn and strobe combination that offers both visible and audible alarms for fire emergency needs. It offers a fixed 75 candela strobe and has a continuous or synchable temporal 3 in 2400Hz, mechanical and chime as well as a whoop tone. All tones are easy to change in the field by the use of switches.


Nominal voltage 24 VDC

Fixed 75 candela

Ease of Supervision Testing

Input terminals accept 12 to 18 AWG

Horn/strobe switch selection for high or low dBA

Horn/strobe switch for 2400 Hz, mechanical, chime and whoop tones

Silence audible option is available while visual appliance remains flashing

Tamper proof re-entrant grill and locking screw (optional use)

Faceplate available in red

Unit Dimensions

5.75” Height X 4.75” Width X 4.18” Depth

Outdoor Temperature

-31º to 150ºF (-35º to 66ºC)

Outdoor Enclosure

The Outdoor Enclosure has a surface mount look that protects the Evacuation Signal. It uses outdoor resistant seal for mounting to wall. It is used for outdoor applications and can be synchronized by using the Orient synchronization control module.

Unit Dimensions

5.57” Height X 4.55” Width X 1.47” Depth

Strobe Light Box

Evacuate & Gas Discharged

The Evacuate Strobe Light Box is used as the first alarm (1st) warning prior to the discharge of the fire suppression system. The signage casing is made of electro-galvanized steel sheet and is epoxy powder coated (Black) to last. It has a dimension of size 265mm(L) x 105mm(W) x 110mm(H).

The Gas Discharged Strobe Light Box is used as the second alarm (2nd) and discharge warning of a fire suppression system that has been discharged. The signage casing is made of electro galvanized steel sheet and is epoxy powder coated (Black) to last. It has a dimension of size 265mm(L) x 105mm(W) x 110mm(H).